When you are in alignment its’ enough to just be and people will want to mirror you. Being in alignment means that you must develop healthy boundaries. That means knowing exactly who you are and who you are not, it means having discernment on how, when and to whom to say No.

Respecting yourself and your values is a great virtue and a great tool of testing if you’re in alignment. “By making this choice do I respect myself right now?”. You exercise the power of free will, one of the most important law of humanity. It’s the only law that cannot be broken. You cannot do anything to anyone without them allowing it to happen. Having free will means you have choices. Having choices means that it is your responsibility to take those choices. Choosing to take the choice has a powerful impact in creating your reality and, also, a ripple effect to the entire world.

As we’re all connected, whatever choice we make will affect another. Whatever you like or dislike in others or in the world is within you. So, choose carefully, knowing that the choices that you make for yourself will affect others and the choices others make will influence you, in a way or another. Making a choice for you is making a choice for the entire world.

“Do I choose to ignore myself or do I choose to really see myself, with all that I am, shadow and light together?”. By accepting that we live in a dualistic world is the first step in accepting oneself. It is the first step in personal growth and healing.

Responsibility is one of the building blocks of free will.

By working on yourself you are creating more space in your aura, in your energetic body. This brings the need of clarity, of taking the responsibility of who you receive in your personal space. Your reality will be created in a way that you no longer will interact with people that have lower vibration than you.

This is the biggest fear, which is also related to the business. Who will you allow in your world after you evolve? you will find that a natural process will occur in this evolution. You’ll start meeting new people who will resonate with your vibration, they share the same belief system and the same desires and needs. Also, the same shadows. The old paradigm, including the people you used to interact, with will no longer be part of your world. You’ll find that either they move on, or they move on, either you or them will find new relationship, you move abroad or change jobs.

The primal instinct when this shift occurs is the fear of losing friends, family, relationships. This is a part of co-dependency, which needs to be addressed. Resolving the co-dependency issues will allow you to discover detachment… etc.

Effortless intention. Effortless flow. You’ll be in the divine plan and divine rhythm. Together with you, your reality starts to align. Some people call this synchronicity or effortless flow.

Once you move on people will follow you. If your crowd, your tribe no longer chooses to grow with you, they will find others to follow. To your newly created energy, life will bring new people who will share the same values and the same core beliefs and the tribe will grow and expand.

When people choose to stay in the same old patterns you must understand and respect that without attachment. This step teaches to valuing the lessons you have learnt together instead. The belief that you need to help your friends and family to grow together with you in order to avoid loneliness is false. The concept of growing together with your family or with your soul family is like taking responsibility and control of their actions, of their free will.

“You have to, you have to, so we can grow together and expand our consciousness!”. It feels like a push.

This comes from the need of control and the fear of separation, of being alone. When you understand that, if you grow and you know how to hold all the information in your field and allow it to exist, whoever is coming into your field is free to access this information without push, without control, without pull or any manipulation.  only then you will understand what freedom is and what growth in collective consciousness is. It’s about understanding how to truly access this field.

“ Ideas float in the collective consciousness and we all have access to the quantum field with unlimited info and potential” – Dr Wyne Dyer


Camelia Miza
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