Heal Your Emotions


Heal Your Emotions

“When people feel complete and authentic, they allow others to feel the same. That gives them the freedom to create an empowering life.” C.M.

“I help people identify the bundled-up emotions they feel about themselves and others. The moment they make a genuine contact with those unexpressed emotions they start the healing process. When the emotions are felt, the energy flow is set in motion and enables them to release the pressure. This gives them a sense of responsibility and empowerment to recognize and bring light to those parts of themselves. Therefore, to make conscious choices, accordingly to how they feel in the present moment.”.

I give them tools to change the sabotaging patterns into positive, empowering ones and teach the how to use them to ensure a long-lasting change. Therefore, they feel appreciated, seen, heard, validated emotionally, that they exist, connected, nurtured, rested, they no longer need to look for an answer, they have found what they needed; purpose, who they are, clarity of what they are looking for. “I have found the answer of what I was looking for. I can rest now.”

I have been looking for balance ever since I was born, and I’ve always felt that we are meant to help each other. The one thing I longed for but was missing from my life was connection. Just holding hands wasn’t enough! The true connection that I needed was on the emotional level. This search continued throughout my life, until I found the Theta Healing technique which allowed me to connect and accept my emotions and discover who I really am. By being open and accepting myself on all levels I could allow others to be connected to their emotions in my presence. Soon, I discovered that by being connected, people take their power back and live peacefully and abundantly.

“When you live in your authentic state there is no room for judgement.” 

When we don’t allow the waves of emotions to flow, to manifest themselves, to liberate themselves, they get stuck and they feel like an energetic blocks. When we can no longer hold them and we release the blocks we’re usually terrified by the powerful discharge. Often, the underline fear is “If I unleash my emotions I will destroy myself or I will destroy others”. So, in order to protect ourselves and others and respect our self image of being a “good person”, we hold all our emotions inside. As the blocks become more intense and darker, we are afraid of them and of their power. Through our thoughts, hearts, relationships or in the astral plane they manifest as energetic cords. They give birth to consciousnesses that look like entities and we perceive them sometimes as malefic beings. They project our thoughts on others, but they are actually our blocked emotions. That’s why we are afraid. What happens is that not managing these energies destroys us, even if this is the initial purpose: to protect ourselves and others.

When is the best time for a person to release these destructive emotions?

When they connect to their emotions in a safe space and realize how these emotions actually helped them so far. Once they understand they got benefits from all that, they are able to accept them as parts of themselves, and they no longer reject the truth of those emotions. Ultimately, they transmute them into a resource that helps them in the next step of their life.

When people reject their emotions, they actually reject themselves, their desires, their identity and furthermore, the way they exist and interact in this world.

For example, I had a client who was always digressing towards something else. “My mother, my father, my job, my …”. He was mirroring his shadows on those around him as it was too painful to see that they were also inside of him. It might be easier to talk about others than to talk about ourselves. Avoidance protects us from feeling the pain of being powerless when we face our own emotions. But our subconscious mind brings into our life people who mirror our darkness in order to recognize it and integrate it, to accept it as part of ourselves.

After working with hundreds of people I noticed that the best way to work with those who act like this is through helping them identify those emotions they feel about others inside their being. By bringing them into their conscious mind they start to heal, as they actually start to see the truth and become responsible for lightening up those parts of themselves.

Is this how a healing happens?

This is how a healing starts, by bringing light into your darkness. Turning on the lights. In my opinion, a healing happens when people understand they have the choice to consciously experience life. Ultimately, this becomes a lifestyle and they develop better relationships, they feel more peaceful, abundant and make better life choices. As this gives them more freedom and power, they enable extraordinary manifesting skills.

For example, one of my clients couldn’t get out of the house and connect with others, was very secluded, allergic to tap water and she wasn’t giving herself permission to have fun. She had a small business, but she was stuck in drama. After our sessions she made it to a cruise, together with hundreds of people. Also, her business kicked off and she is making more money and she’s even considering hiring a team of like minded people to help her.

Other client was very needy and, even though she had talent, skills and potential, she did not trust herself and she was sabotaging every business opportunity. Her problems came from a difficult relationship with her parents, whom she loved very much. She told me that now she trusts love, she has confidence to experience life, that she is safe to take care of herself. She has a relationship now, she became a healer and has a business in which she helps many people live more consciously while developing healthy boundaries with their parents.

The biggest block that I see in my clients

The simplest way to connect with the blocks in your system is through fear. Find out what you are afraid of and you will identify the blocks. The purpose is to know how to identify your negative emotions, learn how to deal with them and express them in a healthy way.

After the sessions my clients manage to:

  • be aware of the emotions they feel towards themselves and towards others;
  • make the difference between the emotions they experience and the ones that others project on them;
  • modulate their energetical emotional field in order to avoid projecting their emotions on others;
  • Communicate clearly through emotions. They learn how to express themselves when they feel attacked on the emotional, verbal, mental, energetical level. They understand that it is possible to communicate without violence and they no longer need to avoid relationships;
  • become the best version of themselves. They found out who they truly are by also discovering their masks, who they are not. They learn to work through their true essence, instead of through their ego;
  • no longer get in conflict with other people and don’t allow themselves to get into other people’s drama;
  • avoid self sabotage and no longer enter the old negative patterns that triggered the same drama;
  • Recognize and avoid the same family dynamics that were set in their childhood by the ones who raised them.

My clients tell me that their close people notice more confidence and determination in them. Other  benefits that I witnessed are: more wisdom, balance, alignment, focus, determination, precision in making life choices, less gullible, more joy, sometimes a raise in income, very large projects (in the film industry, projects with the government, even marriage).

Things start to shift effortlessly when you tap into a higher energy of commitment, presence, expansion and growth. This is also the dynamic of growing in the community.

What happens in a one to one session?

I love working in one to one sessions as I hold a safe space of intimacy in which my clients feel totally free to be who they truly are and to fully express themselves. In this safe space of acceptance I honor them and their journey, always with unconditional love, never in judgement. By doing so, I allow them to be in unconditional love without self judgement, as they are not afraid of being shamed, rejected or abandoned.

The sessions are held in person or online. The effect is the same as we are all connected through the morphogenetic field.

From all the trainings I’ve been through and years of practice I now understand how to meet every individual where they are at. By accepting what is, without pushing or imposing my methods, concepts or beliefs upon my clients, I allow the session to unfold effortlessly. Its like being on a wave and we ride together, co-creating the session with the client. Of course, the ocean is the infinite unconditional love.

What does holding space mean?

Holding space means self acceptance, clear intention, and a true connection with myself and others. Once I ground and align myself energetically I put myself in a state of intentionality, compassion and unconditional love. I help people see their essence through the eyes of divine love.

Highlighted section:

In the following you will find the three steps of self healing and empowerment:

Step 1 – Acknowledge your existence. First, take a glimpse inside, quiet your mind and establish a deep, genuine connection with yourself. In order to do that, acknowledge your own existence in the physical body and, at the same time, as part of the divinity. Afterwards take in consideration that you are one with God and with everything that is. Feel that you are truly being seen and heard.

Step 2 – Acknowledge your shadows, fears, emotions and thoughts. What is your biggest fear? What is the worst that can happen if you are one with everything that is? What will happen next? Ask yourself the same question until there is no reasonable fear left. By acknowledging all the mental programming that holds the fear in place you can easily release them and reestablish balance in a loving way. The best part is that you will stop being afraid of what you think you are.

Step 3 – Take action. It is very important to have clarity on the action steps you need in order to heal: practice mindfulness (being present) and discover yourself through meditations, journaling or other techniques that resonate and bring value to you. This way you grow in consciousness and cultivate balance by allowing yourself to feel the full range of emotions and do what is best for you.

What about business blocks?

The are many clients who come to me with issues related to their businesses. In my opinion, businesses are energetic entities that look like an extension of their owners. Heal the owner and you will heal the business. For example, there was a client who came to solve a money block, but he found that all that was connected to a huge commitment issue coming from a past life. This was blocking his business growth because he was afraid of being bound by a contract. The block was the fear of commitment in all areas of his life. After a few sessions he started to have big projects with the government and considerably raised his income.

Another client had a conflict with his boss who denied paying him the money he owed him for his work. After a couple of sessions he found another job and started having other projects. Furthermore, the ex-manager who was treating him very badly called him and gave him all the money rightfully his. The lesson in this case was that he learnt how to have healthy boundaries in relationships.


What do you understand through healthy boundaries?

The clarity of knowing what you want, what you desire, what are your likes and dislikes allows you to differentiate yourself from others. For example, if you like vanilla ice cream and I like chocolate ice cream and I express that, I set a clear boundary for myself. If you impose on me to have vanilla flavor instead of chocolate for whatever reason and I obey, I no longer respect myself and I lose my boundaries. This is how usually boundaries are broken. But if you truly know what you like and what you need and if you express and respect that, you will hold and build strong boundaries.

The better you get to know yourself, know what you like most (colors, food, clothing, places, music, fragrances), the healthier boundaries you have. You can say yes to your choices, you see yourself, you really know and trust your decisions and tastes. Once you have created your boundaries and you know exactly what you want and who you are, your energy vibrates in a specific way and it is easily felt and naturally respected by others.

For example, primary boundaries are related to physicality. This includes the senses of touch, of smell, of taste, of hearing and visual aspects. Afterwards, there are the emotional boundaries. Then, our process of thinking and lastly, the relationships with others.

“You are defining your unique energy print which attracts situations, contexts, material things, relationships and life experiences.”

I had a client who had multiple sclerosis. She was in unbearable pain, her skin was aching and she wasn’t able to do many things. During our sessions she realized that the origin of the disease was generated in her youth when she was sexually abused. She wasn’t able to talk about with other people as she was full of guilt and shame. The disease was a manner of punishing herself for all that she allowed to happen to her. She felt that it was her fault. I held space without judgement and listened to her and she admitted it was the first time that she was able to talk about it.

On top of it she felt like she was the burden for her family, needing to be taken cared of 24/7 and a tremendous amount of money to support this tumultuous lifestyle.

During our sessions she was able to see a different perspective, without judging others or herself, without beating herself up for what had happened. The shame was cleared, the self punishment was gone and she brought back her lost innocence and power.

After a couple of sessions she told me she did not have the pain or scars anymore. The healing came when she forgived herself and the perpetrator, without the fear of being punished by the society. Seeing the bigger picture, she realized that she learnt many virtues from that event and she saw the perspective of the other person, of her parents, of her friends and she saw that we are all connected: if someone is hurt, we are all hurt.

We cannot hurt ourselves without hurting others.

By expressing this trauma as a disease in the physical body she was also punishing her parents who didn’t see the abuse. She created the need to be constantly attended and taken care of and she had them bound to be there for her 24/7. Through this she manifested all the attention, love and care that she actually needed. In her subconscious mind she believed they need to be punished because they didn’t protect her for what had happened to her. It’s all about acceptance and love, no matter what. She now became a public speaker and inspires others with her story.

Dear Camelia. Thank you for the healing sessions. Again, you gave exactly what I needed in all aspects. I guess you heard my thoughts (I´m always challenged with that part). Thank you for the guidance, so I can help myself. I really need to get my positive finances back on the track again!

Only 2 days ago, the word and energy of “grace” kept popping up for me. I wondered what exactly grace meant. I mean, I know the dictionary definition and I kept wondering about what the energy of “grace” shows up as in reality. Yesterday, I watched your video. THAT was it! That was grace in action. And as I reflected back on our time together, I realize that you embody grace so well. I love you, I love your work and I am soooo thankful that I had you as a role model in my early days. The best thing about you is that you never get involved in others’ drama and I am in awe of how you hold your own space so gently and potently at the same time, always being so authentic and with no judgement. I see you, I love you and am so grateful we met.