Inner child

Inner child

The way they do this is by identifying the emotion, they stay with it and accept it and its shadows, they see it, they acknowledge it. Its like seeing a part of yourself that you have forgotten in your childhood, in a pattern that no longer serves you. I have a process called “Healing the inner child” that makes you connect with the aspect of yourself from your childhood and by being totally present with those emotions and by following what you needed in that moment you become a master of your emotions. Every time an emotion arises it means that you need something in that moment. People need to give themselves what they need in that moment. By doing that you don’t allow others to impose to you what they think that you need. You are clear about your emotions and your personal needs and take your power back by deciding for yourself.

Identifying the emotions that arise is a validation of your expression, of your identity, fact that might not have happened when you were a child. You might be carrying this to an adult life and become co-dependent. In this situation we always look for contexts and people to recognize us and validate what we need. And all that in order to exist. That creates a pattern of continual seeking for validation.

In a way, healing is fulfilling your needs.

In adulthood, after having discernment between what you felt and needed as a child and what your parents and society dictate what you feel and need, you’ll understand who you truly are. This way you will develop and step in your true identity. Eventually, this leads to having the freedom to grow with healthy boundaries and the power to become authentic. FREEDOM TO BE AUTHENTIC

Afterwards, when somebody tries to put hooks nothing sticks to them. You are so clear about who you are that nobody can come and tell you are something else.

Camelia Miza
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