Shadow work

Shadow work

When people develop their intuition, when they grow in consciousness those parts of you, those masks, the construct that you have built so far and you believe it is you, dies. It makes room for the truth. What remains is the essence of what you truly are. The more false constructs dissolve, the more powerful and pure your vibration becomes. This process can be perceived very tragically, as a real death of oneself. And there will be a need to go through the process of grief. If that part of yourself who used to protect you, to help you survive in the environment where you grew, dies, you feel powerless. Who am I if I am not this? Panic starts to kick in: “ who will I be without this, how will I relate to others, how will I function in the world, where do I belong in this world? Not only physically, but also energetically and emotionally?”

After this stage, denial kicks in. Now, when the masks dissolves you discover other parts of yourself which are actually a divine potential. When you truly understand your emotion you don’t want to recreate it over and over again.

After denial you might feel deep uncertainty as a perturbation in your reality. Your safety is threatened, and the next common reaction is anger. You are battling the stories in your head and the stories that you created. “Who’s fault is it?”. Now, you’re entering the stage of bargaining. “What would have happened if I had changed that…?” “What if I could have…?” .

Realizing that the past stays in the past and you cannot change anything you enter the stage of depression. Its when you give up. This process can take as long as the person feels it is needed. For some might take days, for others might take months and years. The key is to find someone who can help you and allow yourself to be seen completely in this vulnerable state. Once you are fully seen and you are fully accepting yourself as you are in that vulnerable moment, these stages come to completion. You can then allow yourself to slide into acceptance, the last stage of grief, according to ……. Now, the real work begins. Rediscovering your true self can be fun and empowering. It allows you to see the whole world through different eyes. It’s almost like a veil of illusion is lifted and this can lead to finishing friendships and relationships that no longer serve you and no longer resonate with you. Then you allow yourself the gift of receiving the new wave of consciousness in. which is new opportunities, new relationships, new way of thinking and the best gift is that you discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE AND WHAT YOU TRULY LIKE.

Who am I? ….I am what I love, I am what I like, I am what I believe.

So, who do YOU want to be? ………

Camelia Miza
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