The Art of Moving Onward


The Art of Moving Onward

A deep journey towards authenticity and self-empowerment


If you believe that your evolution is directly influenced by your emotions, take a bold step and face your fear and sabotaging patterns. This is the ideal context for you to try new tools that will help you understand the power of your beliefs and emotions. Once you do that you have the freedom to live authentically. Whether you are a total beginner, or you’re experienced in inner work, this will surely enrich your life vision.

“The Art of Moving Onward” is a continuous journey of giving and receiving. As all transformation journeys, the process starts with feeling a big calling to own your life. Each step of the program brings you a deep awareness on the importance of living authentically, finding meaning in your emotions, taking guided action followed by sustainable transformation and celebrating amazing results.


On this event you will learn how to:

  • raise your personal value
  • trust yourself to trust others
  • understand emotional needs
  • establish true emotional connections
  • let go of the fear of your shadows
  • let go of control
  • feel the power of the wave of a group
  • be clear on who you are and what you want to create
  • be resourceful beyond yourself
What’s Included in the Workshop?

Learning to create your vision and an emotional road-map towards your goals will enable you to release the fear of unknown. Through a tailored inner journey and specific applicable tools, you will find certainty within.


When someone can’t see and understand your pain you become isolated and alone. It is scientifically proven that emotional pain activates the same neurological pathways as physical pain. In this module we will discover together how to find the source of the emotional pain and heal what is ready to be healed.


Our creative energy is lost trying to avoid judgement, failure, rejection, abandonment and loneliness. You will learn here how to get out of your comfort zone and move forward with trust and courage in yourself, in your decisions and you vision.

How can you use the tools that we offer you?
  • to achieve more energy in your daily routine
  • to bring balance in your schedule
  • to bring your vision into your daily habits
  • to know what to wish for
  • to communicate more clearly
  • to create more valuable time for yourself
  • to delegate everyday tasks
  • to heal a relationship
  • to heal your body
  • to discern between your emotions and others’ emotions
  • to have fun 😊
  • to measure your growth in consciousness.

“The Art of Moving Onward” is an experience that offers you different perspectives to your story. By welcoming inspiration from both your wounds and your successes, you manage to embrace the flow of life. How can it get any better?

What do you gain from this workshop?
  • 8 hours of experiential learning
  • personalized notebook that you can use as a vision book
  • group coaching
  • group energy healing
  • individual reading of divine potential
  • interactive exercises to embody the knowledge
  • new tools of finding trust and making better choices
  • 2 online group healings following the event
  • introduction into “The Art of Moving Onward” online community

Camelia Miza is a master energy trainer and intuitive healer. She guides people who go through emotional challenges to get clarity and discover their core essence. Having helped hundreds of people move forward she is now mentoring other energy healers and coaches to get in touch with their inner strength and follow their life purpose. She believes in being in service for one another and creating unconditional human connection.

Andreea Vasile is an intuition coach and energy healer. She believes that transformation is an act of courage and flow. Her strong intuition mixed with playfulness allow her to create deep coaching experiences that help people express their authenticity. From personal energy healings to intuitive trips, she has helped hundreds of people to create space for more love in their life and boldly decide to move forward and co-create.

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With love and friendliness,
Camelia Miza and Andreea Vasile