What is a Theta Brainwave?

What is a Theta Brainwave?

ViannaStibal, the founder of ThetaHealing® Technique describes being in a theta brainwave while facilitating healings as being more focused and creatively inspired and feeling deeply connected to all things. In time she began to notice how she achieved this state and found a way to teach this process.

Scientists have also discovered that theta brainwaves allow us to experience our strongest spiritual connection. It is in a theta state that we experience the feeling of “inner peace”.

The Brainwave Frequencies

There are five brainwaves that govern everything we do and say. While all of them are present at all times, one dominates at any given time.

These brain frequencies – beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma – are constantly in motion.


Beta (14-28 cycles per second) 

This is the waking state – the normal state for most people, most of the time.

Alpha (7-14 cycles per second)

This is a relaxed and meditative state; it is also the phase of light sleep and intuition. There are no time & space limitations in this phase. It has been found that Reiki practitioners use this brainwave frequently during their healing practice.

Theta (4-7 cycles per second) 

This is a very deep relaxed state of mind that usually happens right before sleep; this brainwave seems to be the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. It is a deep meditative state, which is used in hypnosis. This brainwave allows the practitioner to connect to Creator of All That Is – the Source Energy – that energy we also call God, Yahweh, Buddha, Jesus, Goddess, Shiva, the Oneness, the Divine Light, Allah, or the Universe.

A theta wave meditation is similar to a vivid waking dream where our sense of awareness and connection is heightened, our intuitive abilities are enhanced and information flows easily and readily from the higher dimensions.

The theta wave meditation facilitates increased creativity, learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition. Through theta wave meditation, we can open our Third Eye.

Delta (0-4 cycles per second)

Delta brainwaves are usually associated with the deep stage 3 of Non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM), also known as deep sleep.

Gamma (40-5000 cycles per second)

This is a state of higher mental perception and understanding. In this state of mind we learn and process information.

Applying the Theta Healing® Technique

During a Theta healing session the practitioner will consciously switch back and forth between these states, except the Delta state. During the session, the practitioner will be accessing the theta brainwave state and will connect to the Creator of All That Is to identify the limiting beliefs and the negative feelings impacting your life. The practitioner will be in a Beta state when talking to you and will easily switch back into Theta and Gamma brainwave state to facilitate the healing by simply closing their eyes.

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