About Camelia

… so, who am I?

This was the question that opened the door to my journey of self-healing, and may I say, what a journey that was.

I am an intuitive guide with the soul’s purpose to help people come back into their power and embrace their unique gifts. I will help you see who you truly are, beyond the perceived limitations of this paradigm. I will assist you in connecting with your soul’s purpose and to bring your true essence into embodiment, effortlessly.

Just by tuning into the resonance of my energetic field and through the way I hold space for you, you can instantly transmute blocks, enhance your intuitive gifts and learn how to shift and transform your belief systems. As you shift your belief systems, you shift your entire reality and life.

I will hold space for you to identify and connect to your emotions, feel them, transmute the stagnant energy and allow the positive abundance to flow through you, in all areas of your life.

I see you. I acknowledge you and your pain. I honour the path that you have chosen, what you have been through and what you are going through. And, if you choose so, it will be my honour to guide you though your own personal journey of self-empowerment.

“When people feel complete and authentic, they allow others to feel the same around them. This gives everyone the opportunity and the freedom to create a genuine and authentic connection.” C.M.


Theta Healing

Certificate of Science

3 years studying with Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Crystal Healing Certification