Healing Journey

Group Healing Meditation with Sacred Cacao Ceremony

The Journey

Lately, I have been guided to bring into the world a series of group healing meditations, enhances by “Sacred Cacao Ceremonies”, which will facilitate a huge quantum leap in a loving and harmonious way, through connection, intimacy, joy and community. Each group healing meditation will have its own theme and DNA activations, supported by the potent energies of the planetary alignments.



This journey is more than just a meditation. Each group healing session is channeled through me accordingly to the collective intention of the group. I have noticed that with every group the channeled information is different, that there is always a collective intention which resonates with every single one of us, alongside our individual intention.



As the healing and DNA activation take place, skills, talents, passions, and aspirations that have been long forgotten will be awaken, together with the knowledge that you need to bring into manifestation the intention you have set at the beginning of this sacred journey.



This healing will bring profound changes that will unfold gradually during the next few days after the meditation. It will have ripple effects into your DNA line, your relationship with yourself and others, along with increased power of instant manifestation. During the next few days many aha moments will occur and important awarenesses will come to light. You will notice more and more a positive shift in your perception of reality. Many hidden aspects will be revealed to you as you are now in tune with a higher truth and a higher vibration.



For those of you who will join us in person, the healing is enhanced by the cacao plant medicine, which opens your heart, the doorway to giving and receiving Love. The desire for physical pleasures and the desire to live life fully are activated. It helps you tap into your inner wisdom and allows you to experience the world of meditation more vividly, at a much higher spiritual level. During the cacao ceremony, you will be fully aware of your body, of where you are and everything around you, as well as of your multi-dimensional self. Cacao is not only a medicine for your body, it is also a medicine for your soul.



Those of you who will be joining me in person will go though a specific ritual of setting the intention, opening your crown and third eye chakra, and balancing and realigning all your chakras. At the end of the session you will continue to stay in this energy and we will process together as a group what arose for you during the healing session.



If you feel called to join me on this extraordinary journey, I invite you to the next Group Healing Meditation with Sacred Cacao Ceremony.